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Family Defined Benefits presents our agents as Generational Planning Specialists and that will separate you from your competition.

Simply having great products and selling systems will not guarantee your success in business or introduce you to new clients. Our marketing approach will not only support your products and become an extension of your selling system, but its focus on Generational Planning will create in you a passion for your work and that will attract clients to you.

It’s true that we communicate at a deeper level when we market a message, not a company and its products. In our aim to preserve the financial integrity of the family, FDB is committed to bringing Generational Planning to the forefront of our nation. Our agents are provided with the tools and training that will market themselves as well as that message.

Our system is supported by materials, concepts and presentations that can be highlighted in conversations with your clients. Personalized materials will identify you in a way that sets you apart from the competition and produces a system of referrals and name recognition.

FDB’s marketing pieces and videos, along with Wealth & Wisdom Institute’s communication software will highlight you as the solution in your client’s life. In our business, it often seems that most marketing is done by default or accident, without any idea of how to multiply the results. Your marketing should target clients that fit the profile of the type business that you want to conduct. The focus should be on you, not the product. That’s our approach at FDB. With our process you can start your Generational Planning Marketing tomorrow. We will coordinate your current practice with your generational marketing, so that transitioning your client base to your new marketing approach will not be difficult.